Same-Sex Relationships, Marriage, and Family-San Francisco Values

Sexuality is an issue that touches every person alive. Our conception is a sexual act, and most societies have rules or norms that set boundaries on sexual behavior. Incest is a common taboo. Human bodies mature to enable sexual relations, and our hormones drive the desire for sexuality — more or less strongly — in most all of us.

Our Old House – A Happy Remodeler

When life is good, I care about my home. I know this because I’ve experienced a time when life was not going well and I didn’t care about my surroundings. I was looking inward, not outward.

The Family I Never Knew

All my life I was told by Grandma Regina that she lost her entire family in the Holocaust. Grandma, my mother’s mother, was from Warsaw. She escaped the slaughter by coming to the United States at the turn of the century. Before the Holocaust, in Poland, Jews were the...

The Task of Updating My Internet Research Presentation

My Internet research presentation was born in 2009 shortly after my book came out. It was related as Taking Aim was created out of intensive research for people and events 30 years earlier. It is not historical fiction as there is nothing fictional about it. It could...

How I became a journalist

I have never taken a course in journalism. Some would characterize my development as a news person as having been “organic.” What does that even mean? Well, I’ll just tell you my story and you can decide if it makes sense. Let me go way back to the beginning of my...

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