Distraction in a time of the Corona Virus

Like everyone in Northern California on physical “Lock Down,” all that was a familiar part of my day is now gone. It didn’t happen all at once, but drip by drip, my life grew smaller and smaller.
While I’m at a stage of my life where I don’t have school-age kids at home or a day job that I only get paid for when I’m on it such as a retail or construction, I know I’m very fortunate in that regard.
So, I’m writing from the perspective as a person who does have commitments and obligations that can be met from a remote location.
I thought that without going to the elementary school where I’m a volunteer reading tutor, my group writing events or other outside physical meetings, I’d have lots of time to do a lot of writing, reorganizing drawers and shelves and extra cleaning.

I didn’t anticipate a level of anxiety and distraction to take hold of my mind. I’m at risk of watching too much Netflix, hours on email and playing with my chickens. Nothing constructive.
The good news is that my community has set up a network to identify people who are physically challenged and need assistance such as grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy. It’s comforting to see how we can come together in times of stress.

That is good news. The bad news is people taking advantage of such an event to capitalize on the lockdown to gouge people and up the price of items people want most such as hand sanitizer or toilet paper. But the good news is that Amazon jumped on that quickly.

It seems to me one of the best ways to manage these days is not to focus on myself but to pay attention to what is going on around my neighborhood and make some virtual connections.
Maybe then I won’t be as distracted and use up my energy that way, and finally, calm down and focus on my writing.

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