Geri and I love living here because there is a match between our values and San Francisco Values, which include:

  • Personal Freedom in Love and Marriage. Freedom to love others as one chooses, and to build families in their myriad possible structures.
  • We support our military personnel. We also examine and, as appropriate, question the political rationales that may be put forward for military action.
  • Personal sovereignty, that is, our bodies belong to us. The right to choose our medical providers, and to make informed decisions about medical, social, and related sexual options and choices.
  • Cannabis is a valid personal medical and recreational choice. 
  • Technological innovation and industrial creativity are respected and supported.
  • We embrace and value the richness of our human differences. We are happy to be part of a diverse community and nation of immigrants.
  • Hypocrisy undercuts personal and public trust. We appreciate people who live their lives in accordance with the values they express, so long, of course, as those values respect and don’t diminish or subvert the liberty and equality of others.
  • We value and support the creative arts. The literary community is vibrant, and governmental and private support for visual and orchestral expressions abounds.
  • There are ways to fix what is broken. We acknowledge our problems and work to fix them.
  • We continue to aspire to freedom, equality, and opportunity – for all. We strive to move, together, toward becoming the best of what we, as human beings and as a nation, can be.


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