We keep hearing that “We are all in this together.” I’m betting there is a large segment of society that would not agree: They have lost their jobs. They’ve lost their business. They lost their home. They’ve lost a friend or family member to the virus.

We are barraged with cheerful words about the pandemic about how wonderful it is to be spending more time together with our families. Or, “together, we’ll be stronger at the end of all this.”  I can only imagine what some would say if you were to ask?

To be sure, there are some good things, for some people, and as a society we have been more aware of helping our neighbor, and strangers.

However, there are many, many people seriously hurt by the pandemic, either by having COVID-19 or losing someone to the virus. What do you say to those people about getting through this together?

Who to believe? Should we really be going out into the world now? Has the virus dissipated that much that I can get be in a beauty salon, up close and personal with the manicurist and my hairdresser? How can that be when only a few weeks ago I was warned about staying at least six feet from another person that is not my family member whom I live with or don’t leave my house and don’t touch anything?

I’m not ready. I still have a lot of angst about returning to society as it used to be.  While I believe the scientists and follow their wisdom, it still feels as though there are a lot of unknowns. Until we can test everyone and have a vaccine, it seems everything else is a guessing game.

Do we really believe we will return to life exactly as we knew it? For many, that will never happen. Too much damage has befallen too many people. I’m sure getting a haircut is not even a remote consideration.
















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