My Pandemic Brain

It all started with the onlaught of Zoom meetings. I called it the Zoom Apocalypse. Zoom meetings were busting out all over my inbox. It got to the point where I couldn’t keep them straight. I was worried I’d miss a meeting; not sure which one was in what group? What time? They began to run over each other.

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 “Famished: Eating Disorders and Failed Care in America” a book review by Geri Spieler

Rebecca Lester’s book “Famished: Eating Disorders and Failed Care in America,” attempts to cover the medical communities’ Herculean efforts to cure a wide range of eating disorders. The book focuses on the complicated relationship between the attempts to treat those who suffer from eating disorders and the apparent failure of the system to heal them. And at its heart, Lester writes, “It is critical to understand that eating disorders are not about food—not really. They are about a deep, abiding, toxic shame and self-negation that is so embedded that it may never fully be eradicated.”

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