Loving Life in the Bay Area  by Rick Kaplowitz

Personal Freedom in Love and Marriage. Freedom to love others as one chooses, and to build families in their myriad possible structures.
We support our military personnel. We also examine and, as appropriate, question the political rationales that may be put forward for military action.

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Featured Member Interview – Geri Spieler , Self-Proclaimed “Political Junkie” Reveals Her Writing Secrets

 I’m strictly nonfiction. Fiction is much too difficult for me. I’m sure it has to do with being a newspaper reporter and total political junkie. My book, Taking Aim at the President: The Remarkable Story of the Woman Who Shot at Gerald Ford, was written in the creative nonfiction genre. It was very difficult for me to write it the way I wanted–like a novel but, entirely nonfiction. I took writing courses to understand things like “scene.” I hired a number of editors along the way.

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Diversity and Immigration Reform: How We Each Play a Role

Embrace and value the richness of our human differences. We are a diverse nation of immigrants, the people who have built our country, and who continue to contribute to our strength in so many ways. The factors that are required for a comprehensive national program that will benefit us all are well known, and legislation is needed for that to be implemented.

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