Loving Life in the Bay Area  by Rick Kaplowitz

Personal Freedom in Love and Marriage. Freedom to love others as one chooses, and to build families in their myriad possible structures.
We support our military personnel. We also examine and, as appropriate, question the political rationales that may be put forward for military action.

We Can Do Better With Healthcare For Our Citizens

Long before Congress passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, San Francisco offered affordable healthcare to all residents. The Healthy San Francisco program costs are substantially less than private health insurance plans. Tse Dong Chow, a typical user, is...

Where to Start: How I Begin researching my articles

I get asked a lot about how I begin my research on a new article. Well, I tell you, it depends on the topic. However, some tasks are always the same. I always begin with secondary research. What is that, you say? It is what has already been written, if anything. What...

Me and My Bees: Creating a Bee Friendly Home

I’ve actively been trying to replenish the bee population, one flower at a time. I take the problem with our disappearing bee population and all pollinators personally. If I don’t’ do something to help, the colony collapse will be my fault. Now, I have to admit that...

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