As long as I can remember, the phrase New Year’s Resolutions inspired guilt in me. I realize I had no obligation to answer this question or to make a “resolution” to do something different or fulfill a goal I let slide the year before.

However, I do appreciate the concept of setting goals and fulfilment of such. And, I’m not saying I’ve always met my own expectations. Far from it.

And, again, however, one could just decide to do something new, not something that was unfulfilled, right?

As a writer, I’d say I always have a long list of un-realized projects. Such as the memoir about my mother who was raised in an orphanage and her amazing life. Or that book, San Francisco Values thatis three quarters complete and now needs some updating.

What about those projects? What do I do to keep from completing them? Do I need a better daily process to complete my projects? Am I really a procrastinator and should just admit it? Or, maybe I just really don’t care about them so I don’t revisit and make a real decision that I have no intention of completing them and let that be that?

So, I decided to look at what I have accomplished last year rather than what I didn’t?  Bottom line: I met all my deadlines. That’s it. That is all I strived to do.

If I decide to revisit those other writing projects, my history tells me to set a deadline. I’m more likely to fulfill that goal. What this tells me is my New Year’s Resolutions should be setting goals or deadlines is what I need to do to make stuff happen.

Excuse me while I go to my calendar and set deadlines. Happy New Year.



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