Working from home? Not an option for everyone.

There seem to be two schools regarding writing from home or in a coffee shop:  Works for some and not for all.

I’m in the middle. I find office settings very conducive to getting work and writing accomplished. I also am fine working from home. Of course, the other side of the “home office” is that you are never away from your office and computer, so I can work all day, all night and all weekend.

In some ways I like that. I can go outside and play with my chickens. I can go to the gym in the middle of the day and beat the crowds. That also means I may have to make up that time after dinner or on the weekend. I think this is what people call a tradeoff.

I’ve never been one for the coffee shop scene. I must admit I get a bit annoyed at those who hog a table for several hours, taking away my option to sit and have my latte.  I have been known to ask to share a table. I mean, after all, they are using one half so I have asked for the other half of my 30 minute coffee retreat.

So, what does it take to work from home? We have all heard it: Discipline. I also think it takes the desire for what you are doing. I’m a writer and I love what I do. I’m also a freelancer, so that right there puts me in a home office, or for me, a home desk. A tip that I find works for me to get stuff done is a timer on my desk. I play a game with myself for an award. I will set the timer for 30 minutes. I will do nothing but stay on task for the allotted time. If I meet my goal, then I have the option of checking email or another non-work thing. I’ve read that 20 to 30 minutes chunks of time is the most productive.

My husband likes to describe me as a sole contributor. This description kind of goes with my career history and personality. I like to say, “Just leave me alone, let me work at my computer and do my job.” I prefer solitude to do my research and write my assignments. I can work with committees, but my preference is to do my work by myself.

So, it seems that working from home is a lot about personality type. People like to describe us as introverts. That does describe me and the thousands of others who are “sole contributors.”

Works for me.

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