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About the Author

Geri Spieler

Geri Spieler, the author of Housewife Assassin, is an award-winning investigative journalist who wrote for notable publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, and Forbes. Her book on Sara Jane Moore, the woman who attempted to assassinate President Ford, received high praise and awards.

Spieler also worked as the Research Director at Gartner Group, advising major corporations and publishing over 150 research notes on emerging technology. Moreover, Spieler has also spoken in various national and international settings in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

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Major Contributions of Geri Spieler

 Uncovering the Truth
Behind Sara Jane Moore

Geri Spieler’s most significant contribution is her investigative reporting and writing on the life and attempted assassination of Sara Jane Moore, the woman who tried to kill President Gerald Ford.

Technology Research
and Advisory

Spieler worked as the Research Director at Gartner Group, where she advised major corporations on emerging technology, during which she published over 150 research notes and reports.


 Spieler has also made significant contributions as a public speaker, sharing her knowledge and insights on a range of topics in national and international settings in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

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About the Book

Housewife Assassin

Housewife Assassin, written by Geri Spieler, offers a captivating and detailed portrait of the life of Sara Jane Moore, the middle-aged mother of five who attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

Spieler’s extensive research and correspondence with Moore, who was imprisoned for her crime, allow her to deconstruct Moore’s tumultuous life, including her marriages, abandonment of children, faked amnesia, and even her work as an FBI informant turned double agent.

Against the backdrop of the turbulent 60s and 70s, Spieler paints a picture of an erratic and unstable woman with a protean capacity to shift identities.

Through interviews with President Ford himself and other research, Spieler confirms some details and debunks others to deliver a captivating and compelling profile of a society lady turned elusive assassin.

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