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Work Process

Why you should work with me.

• I will help your business gain from the benefit of high quality and dynamic content.

• You can generate increased visibility in search with content that ranks for the keywords your customers are using.


• You can gain more email subscribers and business leads.

With strong writing content you can increase engagements on social media by sharing content with your audience instead of advertisements.

How I work with you

I don’t limit my clients to just a few rewrites.

I write until you are thrilled with the project.

I want  you to be happy  with my work.

That is my policy.

I cut through the noise, write with readable

and understandable language.

This is how I do things.

I work until you are happy.


Distills complex ideas

“One of Ms. Spieler’s strengths is the ability to distill complex ideas, data, and context into clear, crisp, easy-to-grasp messages, and on a timely basis under pressure.  Her skills as a highly effective communicator were demonstrated on many occasions, including a project we engaged in regarding the transformation of published works into a film documentary, and related intellectual property and distribution rights.”

  • B., Business Attorney, Silicon Valley

Sharp insight

Geri Spieler has written book reviews for New York Journal of Books for more than five years. Geri writes extraordinarily, with sharp insight, eloquent turns of phrase, and precision in transferring what she has discerned or conjured from her head to a printed page. Each of her book reviews are exceptionally well-wrought. Indeed, Geri’s great brain and deft talent as a writer is what I look for in a reviewer and only very occasionally see.

It is also always a pleasure to work with Geri. And this makes all the difference. It is no small thing to find someone with Geri’s abilities who is also a joy know.

  • Ted Sturtz, Founder & Executive Director, New York Journal of Books


The best in-depth and most tenacious researcher I’ve ever met.    

  • Dr. R., university Academic Vice President, ret.


Geri was delightful to work with. She was highly professional and researched the topic of new technologies for plastic surgery fully. Her article pulled together the details and facts of the industry as well as the data we needed to bring the article full circle.  She delivered on the “promise” and we would definitely use her again for any future projects.

  • Virginia Nicoletti, PR for Aesthetx


A published author, Gartner analyst, and Huffington Post contributor, Geri Spieler is a versatile, accomplished writer and researcher. Acknowledged for her work  in Gartner’s first electronic commerce group, her skills include the analysis of current e-business issues and challenges facing the SMB and Enterprise markets. Geri’s research skills and grasp of today’s issues are demonstrated by her published work and satisfied clients.

  • Dr. Janet Asteroff, colleague at Gartner

Writes with clarity and humor

Ms. Spieler is a highly skilled professional who is able to write with clarity and humor and articulate complex ideas in a highly readable format.  I recommend Geri Spieler without reservation for any writing project you want to undertake.

  • Nanci Lee Woody, novelist, Tears and Trombones, winner of the IPPY (Independent Publishers) medal for “Best Fiction in the Western Pacific Region”.

A close-up understanding of the human condition

Geri and I collaborated on an article about the plight of children traveling alone to the United States, sent away by their families hoping for a safer and better life for their children. She added empathy to our joint effort by likening the border children’s journey to that taken by another group of children, those Jewish children who traveled, by rail, from the Nazi-dominated Europe of 1938 and 1939 to safe havens in unoccupied countries. A sensitivity to these realities are among the qualities I find in my colleague. Geri’s is a close-up understanding of the human condition and this is what she brings, so effectively, to the writing experience. 

  • James T. Kenny, Ph.D., International affairs writer, speaker and chair of the Confucius Classroom of Maine

Digs for dirt, data, and delightful details

Geri Spieler knows how to dig for dirt, data, and delightful details.  If I were about to embark on a writing project beyond my capacity for research, Ms. Spieler would be the person I would contact next. She tackles a story with impressive energy, intelligence and enthusiasm.

  • Martha Clark Scala, Author

Unique, professional skills

I worked with Geri Spieler at Gartner (formerly Gartner Group).  In fact, I hired her to join our Electronic Commerce group back when the Internet was booming and our clients were hyperventilating  about the new opportunities and challenges facing them.  Geri always struck me as someone who had great clarity of thought and an ability to clearly articulate that thinking. She spoke at Gartner conferences worldwide, produced her own slideware to tell the story, wrote Research Notes and longer reports and handled inquiries, all of which were well received by our clients. I have no reservations about recommending her for any project which can use her unique, professional skills.

  • Victor S. Wheatman, Former Managing Vice President, Gartner, Inc.