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Regina of Warsaw

From the first page, readers are transported to 1906 Bialystok, Poland, where Regina Anuszewicz was visiting her sister and looking forward to a late June stroll along the Bialy River. It should have been an exciting time to stay overnight in the women’s boarding house, but a violent pogrom blasted those plans as a rage of violence shook the town and Regina’s hopes. Stormtroopers swarmed the streets and homes, and once they reached her sister’s boarding house, all Regina could do was hide inside a closet, barely able to breathe as she heard screams and people begging for their lives.


The trauma of that day shaped Regina’s life and ignited her passion to take a more active role in fighting antisemitism. The atrocities that her family endured impacted every decision she made in life as she moved through the days and years, coloring her approach to every event that took her from Poland to the United States, and how she cared for the four children she sought to protect.


“Readers will appreciate the premise of the story because, in some ways, it mirrors what is happening in the world today,” Spieler said. “It’s a story of bravery and survival.”

Release Date: Summer 2024

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Housewife Assassin

Housewife Assassin, written by Geri Spieler, offers a captivating and detailed portrait of the life of Sara Jane Moore, the middle-aged mother of five who attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford.


Spieler’s extensive research and correspondence with Moore, who was imprisoned for her crime, allow her to deconstruct Moore’s tumultuous life, including her marriages, abandonment of children, faked amnesia, and even her work as an FBI informant turned double agent.


Against the backdrop of the turbulent 60s and 70s, Spieler paints a picture of an erratic and unstable woman with a protean capacity to shift identities.


Through interviews with President Ford himself and other research, Spieler confirms some details and debunks others to deliver a captivating and compelling profile of a society lady turned elusive assassin.

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San Francisco Values


The Values That Unite Americans Across Country During A Time Of Chaos


Family-friendly. Equality-based. Patriotic. All-American values at the bedrock of the trailblazing San Francisco Bay Area, and yet also perspectives routinely attacked as a threat to our nation’s morals and ideals.


In San Francisco Values: Common Ground for Getting America Back on Track, coauthors Geri Spieler & Rick Kaplowitz examine the core beliefs that define the United States.


In the book, the authors show how the trailblazing history and values of the San Francisco Bay Area have shaped public opinion, influenced national policy, and made America a better country for citizens of all races and ethnic backgrounds, of different genders, and across the political spectrum.

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