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Housewife Assassin

Housewife Assassin

Housewife Assassin, written by Geri Spieler, offers a captivating and detailed portrait of the life of Sara Jane Moore, the middle-aged mother of five who attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

Spieler’s extensive research and correspondence with Moore, who was imprisoned for her crime, allow her to deconstruct Moore’s tumultuous life, including her marriages, abandonment of children, faked amnesia, and even her work as an FBI informant turned double agent.

Against the backdrop of the turbulent 60s and 70s, Spieler paints a picture of an erratic and unstable woman with a protean capacity to shift identities.

Through interviews with President Ford himself and other research, Spieler confirms some details and debunks others to deliver a captivating and compelling profile of a society lady turned elusive assassin.