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Does the phrase ‘based on a true story’ pique your interest? Why do you always choose movies with this element?
What is it about this ‘true thingy’ that spices up your entertainment?

To Satisfy Our Morbid Desires

There are many reasons why we are all drawn to the thrilling reality of crime stories. As humans, we have a deep fascination for morbid curiosity. We get an immense thrill from exploring the recess of dark human minds and psychological aspects. Our innate quality of knowing the unknown plays a significant role in making this genre a favorite. This is a way to experience the thrill, excitement, and fear that emerge from these criminal events in a controlled environment. It gives an adrenaline rush to the audience, which helps fuel the compelling aspect of this gripping category of the entertainment field.

Emotional Engagement

Besides the electrifying element of a crime, emotional engagement is also essential to true crime books’ popularity. This field involves victims whose emotions of fear, grief, and sorrow help people develop a deep connection, engrossing them in the story thoroughly. A nicely written and emotionally engaging crime read enables the viewer to see the story from the perspective of the criminal or the victim by enriching the content with the profound emotions of both parties.

To Unravel Mystery

Another facet of true crime books that fascinates the reader is the need to untangle the mystery. Many crime stories conclude at a dead end. To feed their curiosity, people move toward crime biographies. True crime is based on in-depth research, interviews with criminals and victims, family sessions, and anything that had close contact with the criminal and can help understand the motives of the convict. Such well-researched work sheds light on those aspects of crime hidden from the public, making it more tempting and curiosity-satiating.

Housewife Assassin – The Woman Who Tried to Kill President Ford

A Spellbinding Story of An Assassination Attempt

For a true crime to serve its readers with the true elements of entertainment, it must have the ingredients of thrill, horror, and exhilaration. Geri Spieler’s book Housewife Assassin fulfills all such characteristics to the nth degree. The book is a comprehensive account of Sara Jane Moore, the culprit of the second assassination attempt at President Gerald Ford. The author highlights the life journey of Sara Jane, starting from her hometown to the point where she got convicted.

Geri Spieler was in direct contact with the offender for twenty-eight years and had the chance to explore the different layers of the would-be assassin’s personality with a close eye. The writer is an investigative journalist professionally, and her work reflects that well with how she dissects every life angle of Sara Moore in great detail and meaningful way. The book offers insights into what led Sara Moore to be convicted of this crime and also rebukes false speculations.

If reading an engaging and compelling true crime book is your plan for the evening, give Housewife Assassin a shot now.