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The legacy of 1960s and 70s America holds much more than baby boomer memories of self-discovery and youthful rebellion. The political frustration and activism of the era outshadows anything that came after it. Some of our most beloved cultural leaders died at the hands of fellow Americans during that crucial time, making it a period that was as dangerous as it was inspirational. The enclosed book reveals the life and fate of a woman whose story embodies the fascinating and frightening underbelly of America’s cultural revolution.

In Housewife Assassin, author, and investigative journalist Geri Spieler chronicles the life and dives into the mind of the would-be assassin, Sara Jane Moore, the only woman in American history to fire a bullet at a U.S. President and the only one arrested for committing this level of crime to be released from prison.

After 30 years of contact, while Moore was behind bars, Spieler paints a vivid personality assessment of this suburban housewife who was far from the profile of a skilled assassin yet could still shoot at Ford on September 22, 1975.

Spieler discusses:

  • How breakdowns in communication between local and federal authorities nearly led to Ford’s murder. For example, police had actually apprehended Moore the day before the shooting, confiscated her first gun, and then let her go;
  • Her exclusive interview with President Ford about the assassination attempt in which he stated how turf battles and power struggles amongst government agencies lead to communication problems and raise the risk of threats to our security;
  • Moore’s role as an FBI/San Francisco Police Department informant and how it might have contributed to her deciding to try to kill Ford; and
  • The turbulent 1970s and the infamous Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO).

This is far from a typical biography. Spieler’s relationship with Moore spanned an incredible three decades, beginning when the newly imprisoned Moore requested to meet Spieler in prison after reading an article of hers in a local paper. From then on, Spieler gained unprecedented personal access to a mind rife with ambiguity and a cunning and chilling ability to manipulate.

Spieler’s one-on-one experiences with Moore, combined with years of independent research, deliver an intimate psychological portrait of a housewife turned double agent while granting readers a rich snapshot of the 1960-the 70s, one of America’s most turbulent eras of cultural and political awakening.

Housewife Assassin – The Woman Who Tried to Kill President Ford

An Authentic Account of the Life Secrets of Sara Jane Moore

Geri Spieler, the author of Housewife Assassin, has done remarkable work in revealing Sara Moore’s skeleton in the cupboard. The author, living in Palo Alto, CA, is an expert researcher and adept journalist who has written for the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Westways, and Forbes.

Her work reflects a high level of dexterity and depth. The book is the essence of twenty-eight years of correspondence between Geri Spieler and an enigmatic lady, where she divulges into different life roles of Sara Jane Moore right from birth to the point when she shot the president.

If you enjoy crime stories, this comprehensive work is a must-have. Pre-order it today and read through an eloquently written true crime story.